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Rag Strips

We are constantly seeking volunteers to prepare these strips each year to be made in advance of the pageant season. Our Pageant guests love learning how to make rag rugs. The younger guests like to braid the rag strips in various craft activities.

Rag Strip Preparation
Volunteers cut thousands of strips ahead of time ready for the pageant. then tie three strips together with a loose knot ready for the pageant during the Pageant's Country Fair each evening. Guests use the pre-made strips to start a rag rug. Our young guests weave with them also. When guests get home many continue with their rugs and complete them with the training they received in Nauvoo

Strip Cutting Service Project
Each Nauvoo Pageant season sees a continuing need for fabric strips to be cut to be used in the rag rug Braiding / Rag-tying activity during the Country Fair each year. If anyone is interested in doing this as a family /church service project please use the contact info below.

Here are the instructions:
1) Gather fabric (broadcloth made of cotton or cotton/poly blends, print or plain)
2) Cut fabric into strips that are 2-1/2 inches wide by the fabric width (42-1/2  to 45-1/2)
3) Loosely knot three very different fabric strips together
4) Tie (loosely) 100 of the knotted strips of 3 into one bundle
5) Arrange to get them to Nauvoo or notify us to help with their transport.

Note: most any fabric and color (even with patterns) will work for strips since they will be braided into a rug. Thank you in advance for your help! The colors of the strips should be different (i.e. three different colors in each bundle of three) and a mixture of colors that both boys and girls might like (i.e. not all pink, etc The cut strips are best transported in boxes, black garbage bags, or similar containers. These bags are then transported to Nauvoo which is sometimes the tricky part. Transportation to Nauvoo can sometimes be arranged by using the contact information below.  They will help coordinate getting the cut strips to Nauvoo by arranging to bring them yourself (if you are a cast member, etc) or sending them with someone that is heading to Nauvoo. Please contact us as soon as you can so we can coordinate this effort.

Thanks again for your willingness to serve. Please contact us with any questions--we are also happy to help correlate transportation of them to Nauvoo.

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Nauvoo Pageant Preshow & Country Fair
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